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If you are using the Beaulieu River and Buckler's Hard Yacht Harbour, please be aware of our regulations. These are to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors to the area.

Please also refer to the Notices section for active notices

The masters of vessels arriving inside the limits of the river must report to the Harbour Master within 24 hours. Visitors are welcome to enter the marina at any time, day or night

The speed limit is 5 knots for the entire length of the river

Please mind your wash

Please keep to the starboard side of Fairway

No jet skiing, water skiing, or board sailing

Anchoring is only permitted below Needs Ore

No mooring onto navigation buoys, beacons or marks

No underwater diving activities without permission of the Harbour Master

Passenger vessels must obtain prior permission to land from the Harbour Master

Craft with animals from abroad are prohibited on the river unless they have the correct paperwork from an authorised port of entry 

Owners of craft must inform the Harbour Master of arrangements made for the care of their boats during their absence. Beaulieu Enterprises Limited cannot accept responsibility for the safety of any untended boats. The company may, at its discretion and at the cost of the owner, move, re-secure, or otherwise deal with the craft without liability for any damage caused thereby to any craft in the river.

Thank you for your cooperation.