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Spend a month or more on the Beaulieu River with a temporary mooring or berth.

Moorings on the Beaulieu RiverTemporary moorings and berths become available when the resident licence holder is away for a period of time.

Temporary moorings are available for new customers, as well as current Beaulieu River residents who may wish to move their boat to a different position for the winter or summer months.

We do a cheap temporary mooring rate from 1st March to 31st October 2024.

Minimum 1 months stay.

Marina – £3.75 per metre, per night.

Swinging Mooring £2.00 per metre, per night.

Why moor on the Beaulieu River?

  • First class service and facilities
  • Well-equipped boatyard and chandlery
  • Easy access to the Solent and plenty of things to do
  • Wide range of mooring/berth locations to suit your specific requirements

Apply for a temporary mooring

Moorings on the Beaulieu RiverTo apply for a temporary mooring, please complete the temporary mooring application form online.

Any questions? Please get in touch with the team.

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