VHF Channel 68

'Beaulieu River Radio'
01590 616200
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Buckler’s Hard Yacht Harbour offers a wide range of facilities and friendly customer service.

Marina Map Beaulieu River


1   Marina Reception & Chandlery
2   Engineering Workshop
3   Wash Down Area
4   Lavatories, Showers & Launderette
5   BH Boat Sales
6   General Waste Disposal & Recycling
6a  Disposal & recycling of oil filters, paint cans, batteries, oil & anti-freeze
7   Event Area
8   Pump-out point
9   Fuel & Water
10   Master Builder’s House
11   The Buckler’s Hard Museum & Visitor Centre
12   The Captain’s Table

Visitors with Disabilities

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact one of the river staff. Please note: ramp access to the marina is steep at low tide.