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Beaulieu River > Buckler’s Hard Yacht Harbour redevelopment

Major new investment to extend the Beaulieu River marina while preserving the unique character which makes it so special.

The marina was opened in 1971, with a modification in 1980, and since that time has largely remained in the same form. Over that period the nature of vessels and the demands of customers has changed.

There is now a need for the marina to be updated:

  • Ageing equipment is in need of replacement and major refurbishment
  • Some berth widths are no longer suitable for ‘beamier’ modern vessels
  • Insufficient capacity for visitors who seek the convenience of walk ashore pontoons

We recognise that the river and marina is a special place and we are committed to undertaking the project in a sustainable fashion which protects the unique habitats of the Beaulieu River.

Approved Plans

The approved plans seek to reconfigure and extend the existing marina to better meet the demands of the modern boating customer and deliver increased provision of walk ashore berths. This is achieved by making best use of the existing deep water and rationalising the alignment of the main channel.

Adjustments will also be made to moorings immediately upstream of the marina and the trot moorings downstream of Buckler’s Hard pier.

Buckler's Hard Yacht Harbour redevelopment plans

The following table provides a comparison between the existing and planned berth numbers.

Berth location/type Existing Planned
Marina 123 182
Walk Ashore Visitors 8* 46
River Pontoons (Residents) 18 18
River Pontoons (Visitors) 20 0
Fore & Aft Moorings 15 15
Trot Moorings 10 0
Swinging Moorings 4 3
Total 198 264

*With rafting this is significantly increased

The new berth mix and layout is designed to future-proof the marina for the next 25 years and enable us to accommodate historic levels of visitor activity.

On the busiest days, accommodating visitor demand requires rafting of vessels often 3 or 4 deep and this significantly increases the capacity of the marina and the visitor pontoon. The extensive rafting is contrary to the preference of modern boat owners and furthermore the use of the marina by visitors creates some conflict with the resident customers.

Beaulieu River marina development boundary

Over the past 10 years or so a gradual build-up of sediment has resulted in a loss of depth in many areas, particularly on the inshore berths. The first phase of an approved programme of maintenance dredging commenced last winter. The marina works will take place in conjunction with subsequent phases of dredging to minimise the disruption to customers and operations.

Scheme summary and benefits

It is our wish to invest in the Beaulieu River and Buckler’s Hard Yacht Harbour to secure its future as a desirable place to keep a boat in an unspoilt and unique location.

We will be careful to design the modified marina to have a similar look and feel to the existing marina using new and refurbished pontoons of the same type as existing. We will specify the same or similar equipment, including using hardwood timber piles.

We have undertaken a survey of tidal flows and the results have been taken into account in the draft marina design.

The scheme will:

  • Provide clearly defined and separated visitor areas, significantly reducing the overlap of visitor and resident berthing
  • Reduce the extent of overcrowding and rafting
  • Create more dedicated tender storage areas
  • Improve access to berths with a design that complies with modern codes of best practice
  • Improve safety and convenience by reducing rafting and tender usage
  • Upgrade electrical and other services to the marina
  • Introduce a pump out facility to allow boat owners the opportunity to empty black water tanks
  • Include a new wash down area for the hoist dock which will avoid run-off of anti-fouling material
  • Include a range of biodiversity enhancements that off-set any disturbance to sensitive environmental habitats. The enhancements also include removal of redundant structures and reduction of berthing on inter-tidal areas

We anticipate that the main works will take place in the winters of 2019 / 2020 and 2020 / 2021.

More information & future berth availability

Please contact the harbour office for more information or to register your interest in hearing about future berth availability.