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The Beaulieu River is a beautiful place. Please help us keep it this way by following our waste and recycling guidelines.

Waste and recycling facilities can be found adjacent to the chandlery. Please make sure you use the correct bin. Contamination reduces the number of items we can recycle and may cause health and safety problems.

If you are in doubt or need assistance please do not hesitate to ask one of the harbour staff.

> See a map of the marina


Bright blue or light grey bins with mixed recycling labels should be used for cans, aerosols, plastic bottles, paper and card.

Green bins should be used for glass bottles.

General waste

Non-recyclable waste should go into the bins labelled up general refuse. All waste must be compactable and must not be hazardous.

Pump-out service

There is a free pump-out facility near the fuel berth. Please ask at the harbour office for details before operating.

Oil, paint cans, fuel & oil filters, engine batteries & anti-freeze

Please ask harbour staff for details of how to deal with these.


Please contact the local Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre on 02392 552100.

Hazardous waste

We are unable to accept hazardous waste including, though not limited to, fuel, liquid chemicals, fuel tanks, any absorbent material used to clear oil, fuel or paint spillages, compressed gasses or their containers, clinical waste, mattresses, tyres.

The nearest hazardous waste disposal service is in Marchwood.

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